Detecting and protecting your Mobile Endpoints from Ransomware

Watch Trellix and Zimperium's informative webinar focusing on detecting, preventing and protecting your environment from Ransomware. 

Ransomware is a top business challenge that Enterprises face today. Enterprises recognize that they must be proactive in defending and protecting mobile endpoints to provide comprehensive protection. Employees are prime targets for ransomware, especially in a mobile-first environment. 


  • 80% of phishing sites target mobile devices specifically or are designed to function both on desktop and mobile.
  • Users are 6-10 times more likely to fall for SMS phishing attacks than email-based attacks.
  • Mobile malware samples rose 51% YoY, with more than 920,000 samples detected, including Dirty RatMilad, MoneyMonger, and Dark Herring.

Legacy security and management controls, such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), fall short whenever it comes to effectively detecting and resolving advanced threats.