XDR Revolution: Safeguarding Mainframes for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Securing Mainframe environments from malicious actors has proven to be notoriously difficult with traditional cybersecurity tools. Trellix and Bottomline Technologies address this by extending Trellix XDR visibility into Mainframe environments through an integration with Bottomline Record and Replay solution. With Ransomware attacks and Phishing attacks on the rise, Mainframe users can be tricked into actioning unauthorized Mainframe transactions, primarily in the Financial and Healthcare sectors.


  • Mainframe is a massive exposure – According to Forbes 70% of enterprise data resides on mainframe and 71% of all Fortune 500 companies have their core businesses located on a mainframe
  • Limited Audit Trail - Less than 40% of organizations have a full record of access to their systems, Strategic Treasurer
  • Few Unscathed - 29% of firms indicated comprise, while an additional 44% indicate suspected compromise, Strategic Treasurer
  • Ransomware and other threats are likely in process long before impact - Average time to detect a compromised user is 287 days, Forbes


Trellix and Bottomline enable Mainframe organizations to quickly gain visibility into their Mainframe Privileged Users Behavior Anomalies, leveraging enhanced AI to contain threats with deep application user monitoring: from missing insights into inquiries, and fields accessed, all the way down to keystrokes - and this visibility is extended to our customers SOC team through Bottomline XDR integration with Trellix.