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Beyond Reactive: Harness XDR, Threat Intel, and AI

Virtual Workshop

Don’t wait until threats are at your door. Get hands-on experience using AI and real-world threat-hunting techniques to get control of your attack surface, find out who’s targeting you, and take your SOC from reactive to adaptive.

During our Beyond Reactive: Harness XDR, Threat Intel, and AI Virtual Workshop, learn how to build this framework at your organization.

Space is limited! Register now and don’t miss the opportunity to:

  • Develop a region-specific Threat Intelligence dossier that you can take back to your SOC
  • Navigate the optimal security operations journey, uncovering key milestones and strategies
  • Shape and evaluate your current SOC capabilities
  • Tackle real-world scenarios, including real-world APTs, identity detection and response, and threat intelligence operationalization

Gain valuable knowledge you can bring back to your organization while earning 2 CPE Credits for attending.




Optimal Security Operations Journey

Operationalizing Intelligence with Threat Modeling


Security Operations War Room

Partner Perspective

Security Operations Self-Assessment Activity

Next Steps & Closing Remarks