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CRN® Honors Trellix’s CEO Bryan Palma in 2022 Top 100 Executives List

Today, CRN®, Computer Reseller News part of the Channel Company, recognized Trellix CEO, Bryan Palma, on this year’s Top 100 Executives list in the Disruptor category. This annual list acknowledges forward-thinking and innovative technology leaders, like Bryan, who demonstrate their commitment and dedication to the channel through solution-provider-focused strategies and a willingness to take bold steps despite market unpredictability. Bryan joins an elite group of executives who are shaking up the status quo, supporting channel partners, and placing big bets on where the market is headed next.

Over the last two decades, Bryan has dedicated himself to helping the world’s greatest organizations leverage disruptive technology and the power of teams to transform their businesses. He has been at the forefront of technology’s most important transitions, from cyber security, to cloud, to the internet of things. His experience and winning leadership have helped prepare Trellix for the challenges of the ever-changing cyber security market.

Today’s threat landscape quickly mutates and dynamically adjusts to defenses. Staying protected depends on your ability to be flexible, open, and adaptable. Trellix is powered by new investments, new leadership, and the trust of our customers and partners to disrupt the market once again. Bryan recently launched an industry-wide campaign at the 2022 RSA Conference, I Do #SoulfulWork, aimed at disrupting who the industry views as talent to address the widening talent gap.

With our open, interoperable XDR architecture and our extensive partner ecosystem around the world, Trellix is committed to working with partners in our quest to bring living security everywhere and delivering the best solutions to manage and protect the modern enterprise in today’s evolving threat landscape. We strategically lean on the strengths of our partners and their role as trusted advisors to deliver that software to best serve customers.

CRN’s recognition is a further testament to Bryan’s ability to embrace innovation while going all-in with our partners in his commitment to accelerate business growth and digital transformation for our customers. Please join me in celebrating Bryan’s inclusion in this year’s list. His exceptional vision, expertise and execution have contributed significantly to Trellix’s relentless pursuit to protect our customers with living security, so they can face the future with confidence.

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