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Planting Seeds Today for the Possibilities of Tomorrow

Let’s start a fire.

You can rely on the sun to hit a patch of dry grass, use a flint and kindling, or a lighter. The journey to reaching your end goal is vastly different. Today we have lighters because we learned that we can’t always rely on a sunny day. Or the grass may be wet. Or the kindling can take too long to catch. These collected lessons have built upon themselves and equated to progress, allowing us to keep pace with the world as it is and what it incessantly demands. We are not deterred from our goal of warmth and comfort.

We are built to adapt and move forward because it is who we are. We choose our next steps and decisions based off what we already know and have experienced as the days, weeks, and years push us along. If a risk enters our space, our instinct is to fight the threat and eliminate it to keep progressing and going about our lives. We will not be deterred.

Learning and development will always fill the space between where we are and where we want to be. If you’re currently facing freezing temperatures, you may prefer a lighter to reach warmth, security, and safety and not a log dampened with snow. But no such tool would exist if we didn’t iterate on what we previously held to be true in our unrelenting search for better outcomes.

Trellix is here today in the same capacity. To prove that progress and better outcomes can be achieved by learning, developing and adapting because that is who Trellix is. That continuous growth, iterative learning and intelligence is how we are focused. If we’re living, we can learn. If we’re learning, we can live. We believe security should be no different.

The growth technology provides is constantly under threat, yet the value of security is vastly overlooked. It is a mission-oriented space where the mission has no end in sight since risks keep evolving, growing, and learning themselves – showing up smarter, stronger, and always up for the challenge. But guess what? Trellix is too.

We bring our heritage on our new journey. We’ve been a leader in the security industry for more than 30 years, harnessing the power of our people, depth of experience, and proven expertise to keep organizations safe, secure, and operational for the people that rely on them. We understand our customers because we are our customers and know what is at stake.

Our nearly 5,000 employees share the same passion and commitment to protect governments, businesses, employees, partners, and end users across endpoints, infrastructure, applications, and in the cloud. To enable trust and success for all, we’re excited to reintroduce ourselves to the market with a business rooted in the inherent fire and desire we have inside to protect ourselves for today and prepare for the possibilities of tomorrow.

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