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Securing the Customer Cloud Journey on the AWS Marketplace

According to the 2022 Thales Data Threat Report, almost half of US companies reported a data breach in 2021 alone and it’s safe to say data protection remains top of mind for many. This makes the ability to access and provide quality security solutions more important than ever, especially for small to mid-size businesses lacking the resources of larger enterprises. As a result, businesses look to consume resources digitally and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace does just that, connecting partners and solutions in a safe, convenient and digital way. According to a Forester Total Economic Study customers who buy via AWS Marketplace see a 75% reduction in onboarding effort for new vendors, 66% time savings due to procurement efficiencies, and increased licensing flexibility leading to 10% reduction in licensing costs.

Recently, AWS introduced eight additional competency categories – one of which is for Data Protection – to help customers find the best security partners and solutions. Trellix was recently named an AWS Security Competency Partner in this category, showing our ability to provide specialized software services designed to support a wide range of companies.

The Data Protection category focuses on the implementation of data protection solutions such as data loss prevention (DLP), email security, database security, and more. This helps security teams understand the sensitivity level of the data in their environment to make better decisions and create the appropriate controls.

Trellix Detection as a Service gives customers confidence that their sensitive data is safe. We do this through extensive detection, monitoring, centralized management and reporting, and synchronized on-premises and cloud policies. Tools like Trellix DLP Discover, Monitor and Endpoint (to name just a few), keep organizations committed to protecting sensitive data across environments.

With Trellix Detection on Demand, organizations can securely develop and deploy complex security projects on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). An estimated 95% of businesses need to manage unstructured data, and security teams are under an immense amount of pressure to deal with it.

Solutions like Trellix Detection on Demand aid teams with burnout, prioritization, and efficiency as the future of the threat landscape continues to evolve and organizations must stay on top of their biggest threats. Our team has proven time and time again our technical understanding of both data protection solutions and AWS standards enhances customer cloud security in a matter of minutes. This gives current and future customers additional peace of mind knowing our solution has been tested by some of the most trusted and well-known companies in the industry.

Detection-as-a-Service combined with over 700 technology integrations and the remainder of the Trellix portfolio, feed our flexible Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform that runs on AWS. XDR further optimizes SecOps for our customers, addressing the need to be able to protect users, machines, infrastructure, cloud services, apps, and collaboration, further deepening the trust we earn with our customers.

With Trellix in the AWS Marketplace, our partners and their customers now have a streamlined process for purchasing solutions and the knowledge that their information is protected during migration. With the latest version of our capabilities now always available via the marketplace, customers and partners can scale and manage growth without worrying about constant updates.

Our team understands the critical role organizations like AWS play in efforts to drive premium threat detection no matter a customer’s security architecture. We continuously look for partners with a similar desire to grow and innovate to relieve pain points for SecOps teams. By partnering with organizations also prioritizing technical expertise and cloud security, we deliver on our vision of “living security everywhere,” continuously evolving to meet businesses’ top security needs.

To get more insight into our partnership with AWS, please watch our recent episode of “Inside Look” where I interview Amazon Web Services' Dudi Matot, Security Segment Lead

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