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The Many Faces of Hispanic Heritage: Insights from our Hispanic Heritage Voice Leaders

Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us and with that you’ll most likely notice a surge of ads celebrating the Hispanic culture. But is it genuine or just marketing tactics? I can proudly say that at Trellix, it's the real deal. We have a Hispanic Heritage Voice Employee Resource Group that I am proud to be a part of. We also partner with organizations like HACE to help Latinos build their skills related to cybersecurity and launched our Soulful Work initiative in 2022 to provide people with the opportunity to do meaningful, soulful work through cybersecurity that enriches their lives.

In this blog, meet our Leadership Board: Mayra shares Salvadorian traditions, Geraldo celebrates Mexican Independence with El Grito, Ronald challenges media stereotypes, Angelina honors her parents, and I advocate for c-suite representation. Discover our unique perspectives on being Hispanic in America today!.

Meet the Trellix Hispanic Heritage Voice Leadership Board

Alejandro Erives
Alejandro Erives,
Worldwide Partner Marketing, Mexican-American

How are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage month?

  • Living in Texas, Hispanic culture is woven into the fabric of everyday life. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area we're spoiled with rich cultural experiences - from vibrant festivals, fine art exhibits and museums such as the Latino Cultural Center, and of course, delicious food. I take my family to enjoy these enriching activities and flavors not just during Hispanic Heritage Month, but all year round.

What are some ongoing challenges or issues faced by the Hispanic community in your hometown?

  • Despite progress, challenges in representation persist, not just in my hometown but across the United States. We must uplift each other to pave the way for future generations. Companies like Trellix are leading by example with their diverse leadership, including a Hispanic CISO and a Hispanic Chief Human Resources Officer. However, there's still work to be done. We need to amplify Hispanic representation in the c-suite and boardrooms to truly showcase our community's talents, contributions, and leadership.

What are some personal stories or experiences that demonstrate the impact of Hispanic-Heritage?

  • My parents immigrated from Mexico and faced discrimination. Their resilience, guided by my father's sayings “La vida es una aventura” (life is an adventure) and "Échale ganas" (give it your all), enabled them to raise successful children. My brother recently retired after a successful career in the U.S. Navy. My sister earned her doctorate in education and serves as a college dean. And as for me, I travel the globe promoting cybersecurity and plus performing in theatrical productions across the nation. Our family story exemplifies the Hispanic spirit of overcoming challenges and achieving great things.
Mayra Campos
Mayra Campos,
Senior Manager, Accounting, Salvadorian

How are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month?

  • Now that my daughters are older, I plan on teaching them about what Hispanic Heritage Month means to the community. I plan to watch some documentaries to learn more about our Hispanic heritage.

Share something from your family that is meaningful to you, something you’re passing down through generations.

  • For Thanksgiving, our family celebrates the holiday with Panes con Pavo. This dish is made by using turkey, bread, and fresh sliced vegetables. It is our tradition to celebrate the holiday by eating a Salvadorian dish.

What are some personal stories or experiences that demonstrate the impact of Hispanic Heritage?

  • I reflect on my mother's sacrifice to come to America as a single parent. It is important for me to honor my mother’s sacrifice and celebrate our history, culture, lively music, and delicious foods
Geraldo Barron
Geraldo Barron,
Director, Deal Desk, Mexican-American

How are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month?

  • Typically, the Barron casa will watch El Grito on TV. We’ll also watch the most promoted Mexican boxing match (this year it’s Canelo Alvarez on September 30), and we’ll try to visit a local Hispanic Heritage community fiesta.

What does Hispanic Heritage month mean to you personally?

  • For me, Hispanic Heritage Month means for a very short time we have the ability to educate Latinos as well as non-Latinos of the vast richness of our culture. This isn’t really just a special occasion though. There is so much to learn and celebrate about all countries in Latin America. 

What are some personal stories or experiences that demonstrate the impact of Hispanic Heritage?

  • I grew up in Michigan and didn’t speak Spanish, which made it almost impossible to talk to my grandma. I made it a personal challenge to discover and educate myself as much as possible about my culture, traditions, music, arts, and everything else. Fortunately, I’ve been able to travel to Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Peru, Cuba, Spain, and Mexico to learn more about my culture. There’s so much more to do and learn.
Ronald Munoz
Ronald Munoz,
Professional Services Consultant, Ecuadorian

How are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month?

  • I celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by actively fostering a community of individuals who share similar backgrounds and future aspirations. This entails facilitating introductions, attentively listening to friends share their experiences, exploring diverse cuisines from various regions of Latin America, and celebrating the rich diversity of native languages.

What are some personal stories or experiences that demonstrate the impact of Hispanic Heritage?

  • Hispanic Heritage Month, along with our Hispanic Heritage Voice team, has cultivated an environment of unity and inclusivity, particularly in situations or settings that could otherwise engender feelings of isolation. While attending a graduate program at a polytechnic institute of technology with a very limited Latino presence, it held significant meaning for me to witness the university's celebration of Hispanic Heritage. The same sentiment goes for Trellix’s celebration of our heritage.

Share something from your family that is meaningful to you, something you’re passing down through generations.

  • Something that holds deep meaning for me, and a message I hope to pass on to future generations, is the importance of questioning and challenging the media's portrayal of Latinos as a homogeneous group consistently depicted in a state of perpetual distress. We are beautiful, capable of greatness and capable of unity.
Angelina Nunez
Angelina Nunez,
Executive Assistant, Mexican-American

How are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month?

  • There are many parties, festivals, and events held during this time which are excellent ways to celebrate the month. Events include parades, film festivals, and jazz festivals. Educating the youth about the contributions of Hispanic Americans to the U.S. is also a great option for celebrating the day. As a family we get together for Mexican Independence Day El Grito September 16. We then celebrate with a home-cooked meal.  The Mexican “grito,”, or shout, that often accompanies family celebrations, mariachi music, and is part of a national celebration every September 16, is more than a loud yell — it's an expression of excitement, joy, and pride.

What are some personal stories or experiences that demonstrate the impact of Hispanic Heritage?

  • Both of my parents migrated from Mexico at an early age. My mom was separated from her parents to come to U.S. for a better life. We say she was blessed to have the opportunity to go to college here, graduated and recently retired after 45 years as a medical secretary. My father came at the age of 18 and was not given the same opportunity as my mom to finish school. He, however, built a company that worked with the Port of Oakland importing goods and recently sold his company. I am extremely proud of my parents for having the courage to come to the U.S. and teaching their kids if you work hard anything is possible no matter where you come from. I was raised in a household where my parents instilled the importance of honor, good manners, and respect for authority and the elderly.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the lives and perspectives of our Hispanic Heritage Voice Leadership Board at Trellix. It’s clear that Hispanic Heritage Month is more than just a calendar event—it's a celebration of a rich, diverse culture that contributes significantly to our global community. We hope these stories have inspired you to not only celebrate this month but to also appreciate the depth and breadth of Hispanic culture all year long. Let's continue to uplift each other, challenge stereotypes, and strive for representation in all sectors. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and here's to a future filled with even more diverse voices and achievements.

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