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A New Approach to Security Operations

As a CISO or a key member of your organization’s SecOps team, you’ve been watching the attack surface expand over the last decade. The target field of endpoints has dramatically expanded to other attack vectors, forcing a shift from EDR (endpoint detection and response) to XDR (extended detection and response).

As this threat landscape grows and threat actors become craftier, security practitioners must constantly adapt their tools and practices to keep their organizations safe. This pivot requires a complex mix of technologies supporting your security operations. But a plethora of tools come at an increasing cost of complexity. At the same time, your organization’s need for experienced security practitioners grows as the cybersecurity talent gap widens.

To address these challenges, security operations must be simplified. Adding more tools into your environment is not the answer. You need fewer vendors, platform consolidation and integrated frameworks with the tools you already have.

Trellix is Native and Open

Our native and open architecture provides a flexible XDR platform that adapts to your security ecosystem and runs right out of the box. We integrate with over 650 third-party solutions from 150+ vendors. At Trellix, we look at the threat vectors most often exploited: endpoint, email, network and cloud. Then we supplement our native protection with data from other sources, using an open architecture powered by our XDR platform.

Trellix uses open APIs to access event data from external solutions and automatically correlate it with our native data for complete threat identification and response all within a single experience. The Trellix XDR platform is inherently easy to integrate with your existing tools, providing better time-to-value than other platforms.

How Does Native and Open Benefit You and Your Organization?

In my conversations with large enterprises, they average 72 different security tools on any given day. And what happens? Things get missed. Alerts get lost in the weeds. Too much time is spent pivoting between tools, searching for anomalies, and not enough time actively remediating vulnerabilities.

Trellix enables security teams to simplify and reduce the load. When data is fed into a centralized platform and correlated with other data in a native and open environment, alerts become actionable. Mid-size and smaller enterprises don’t have the budget, time, or personnel to use dozens of different security tools; they need simplification without a lengthy migration process. Trellix embraces the concept of composable security; creating a customized platform, then treating it as a living organism.

Why Trellix’s Native and Open Architecture Is a Game-Changer for You

While there is no one size fits all when it comes to cybersecurity, a few universal truths are resonating more loudly than they ever have. Your enterprise needs visibility into every system. Your administrative fatigue needs to be reduced, and fully eliminated if possible. And your security framework should be tailored to fit your organization's unique requirements.

The Trellix XDR Platform connects to your current SOC tools through an open and extensible API framework. It provides complete visibility and control through our end-to-end native footprint spanning endpoint, cloud, network, and data. This approach makes it simple for cybersecurity practitioners to customize a living security ecosystem and to quickly become operational.

Are you ready to try a new approach to security? Trellix is.

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