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Trellix CEO, Bryan Palma, explains the critical need for security that’s always learning.

Gartner Marketplace Guide (XDR)
Gartner® Report: Market Guide for XDR

As per Gartner, "XDR is an emerging technology that can offer improved threat prevention, detection and response."

Trellix Launches Advanced Threat Research Center
Trellix Launches Advanced Research Center

Trellix announced the establishment of the Trellix Advanced Research Center to advance global threat intelligence.

The Threat Report - February 2023
Latest Report

Trellix Advanced Research Center analyzes Q4 2022 threat data on ransomware, nation-states, sectors, vectors, LotL, MITRE ATT&CK techniques, and emails.

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Roadmap: Empowering XDR

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Roadmap: Trellix Endpoint Security

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Roadmap: Trellix Network Security

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Automated Responses – Out of the Box

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Trellix Unified Endpoint Architecture

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Roadmap: Trellix Data Security

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Roadmap: Trellix Email Security


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Demo Stations

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DS1 / DS9 : Trellix Platform

The Trellix XDR SAAS platform connects detection, investigation and integrated response across Trellix and third-party products against a panoply of threats.

  • Turn-key Security operations, SOC, response platform
  • SOAR, security orchestration, security automation platform.
  • Threat Intelligence platform, Security Incident Response Platform

DS2 / DS10: Endpoint Sensor

Collaborate and accelerate the identification of suspicious behaviors, facilitate better coordination of defenses, and provide better protection against targeted attacks and zero-days.

  • Machine learning to identify and prevent new malware
  • Security that aligns with your top priorities
  • Real-time forensics investigation

DS3 / DS11: Threat Intel

Trellix Insights powered by best in class intelligence capabiltites drives your Security Operations Processes with native, integrated and currated threat intelligence.

  • Native: Realtime Threat Intelligence Assessments
  • Integrated: Flexible and Accessible APIs
  • Curated: Best-In-Class Research yields actionable Threat Intelligence

DS4 / DS12: Data Protection Sensor

Trellix Data & Users Security gives you real-time visibility and security of data, protecting against data leakage through dynamic access adjustment, intelligent threat identification, and automated response.

  • Protects data everywhere
  • Applies intelligence at scale
  • Adapts across the enterprise

DS5 / DS13: Network Sensor

Detection On Demand is a threat detection cloud service that scans content on demand to identify resident malware.

  • Detects threats others miss
  • Alerts that matter
  • Security your way

DS6 / DS14: Open Sensors

Trellix Open XDR Platform helps you secure your internal networks, cloud infrastructure and services, industrial control systems, and air gapped networks.

  • Native: Realtime Threat Intelligence Assessments
  • Integrated: Flexible and Accessible APIs
  • Curated: Best-In-Class Research yields actionable Threat Intelligence

DS7 / DS15: Multi Cloud

Trellix Cloudvisory is a control center for cloud security management that delivers visibility, compliance and governance to any cloud environment.

  • Go (Cloud) Native
  • Trust, but Verify
  • Detect and Respond

DS8 / DS16: Email Sensor

Email Security leverages the industry’s best detection and incident response capabilities to protect email infrastructure against the wide range of threats facing organizations.

  • Stops advanced threats other solutions miss
  • Rapidly adapts to the evolving threat landscape
  • Consolidates your email security stack single vendor solution

DS22: Health Watch Symantec Utility Migration

Health Watch provides an automated review of your environment and provides a clear remediation plan to get the most out of your Trellix solutions.

  • Analysis of your Trellix policies against industry best practices
  • Quickly identify features in solutions that are not being utilized
  • 30/60/90-day action plan to get your environment into a optimal configuration

Symantec Utility Migration Quick and simple migration from Symantec Endpoint Protection and Data Loss Prevention to Trellix solutions.

  • Produces a report with policy mapping from SEP/SDLP to Trellix
  • Provides a comprehensive document for policy and settings
  • Automates conversion of policies from SEP/SDLP to Trellix format
  • Migrates defined configurations (systems, system tree, etc.) into ePO