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With Trellix, the Future of Cybersecurity is Now

In October 2021, we embarked on a brand-new adventure, bringing together the technology and expertise of two industry leaders to deliver a new standard in cybersecurity.

By joining forces, we’re optimally equipped to achieve our ultimate goal: creating a resilient digital world by enabling trust and customer success through living security.

Today, I’m excited to reveal our new company name—Trellix—and share what the future holds.

Introducing Trellix

A new beginning calls for a new name. As we entered our next growth phase, we wanted a new moniker that captures our desire to innovate and reflects our desire to help customers grow.

Trellix is a unique adaptation from the word “trellis,” a framework designed to support the growth of living things such as plants and trees. We envision serving as a security trellis to businesses across the globe, giving them support they need to keep them safe while pursuing their goals.

Enabling living security

Just as a trellis supports life, Trellix enables living security. Today, most business executives (78%) say they don’t know how or when a cybersecurity incident will affect their organizations. Our XDR ecosystem allows organizations to bring security to life, empowering organizations to stay one step ahead of attacks.

Combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, our living security platform is always learning and adapting, so businesses can remain resilient with advanced detection, response, and remediation capabilities.

By outfitting organizations with native and open technology, we give them the ability to safely manage their IT ecosystems—no matter their unique circumstances.

Finally, by embedding intelligent tools in their operations and offering expert insights to their security teams, we ensure companies are better prepared to handle incidents when they do occur.

Through these measures and a host of other ambitious actions, we’re redefining the future of cybersecurity.

Looking forward

With nearly 5,000 dedicated professionals serving more than 40,000 customers worldwide, including 78% of Fortune Global 500 Companies, the future of Trellix isn’t just bright—it’s blinding.

In the year ahead, we’ll continue to offer new solutions powered by AI, machine learning, and telemetry data from our one billion–plus customer sensor network. We’ll roll out our new Trellix brand on our website, social media, and other channels. And we’ll showcase our incredible capabilities at today’s top industry events, including RSA in June.

But above all else, we’ll continue to do what we do best: tirelessly protect our customers with living security, so they can face the future with confidence.

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