Trellix Data Security Suites

Protect the Data Lifecycle

Protect against data loss and theft

Secure Critical Data

With five available suites and add-on options, Trellix Data Security offers solutions that protect across the data life cycle.

Centralize Deployment, Management, and Reporting

Simplify the administration of your Data Security technology with our single console to manage your suite of solutions.

Protect Against Insider Threats

Prevent data exfiltration, monitor for data abnormalities, and coach users who attempt to violate data-sharing policies.

Streamline and Speed Up Compliance

Get out-of-the-box policies, reporting, and forensics capabilities that make governance, risk, and compliance tasks easier for your team.

Address Ransomware Threats

Block attempts to extract sensitive and proprietary information, while quickly and effectively managing incidents from end-to-end.

Get Visibility Across Expanding Data Storage

With discovery and classification for more than 400 content types, protect the data that matters to your organization.

Data Security Products

Trellix Data Loss Prevention

Stop intentional and accidental data loss on endpoints, through email, via the web, and across networks.

Trellix Data Encryption

Protect data on enterprise and removable devices from unauthorized access.

Trellix Database Security

Find and protect sensitive information in databases while maintaining performance and managing user access.

Trellix Data Security Suites


Trellix Data Encryption Suite

Trellix Data Security Endpoint Protection Suite

Trellix Data Loss Prevention Network Suite

Trellix Data Loss Prevention Suite

Trellix Data Security Suite
with Optional Database Security Add-on

Drive Encryption

Native Drive Encryption

File & Removable Media Encryption

Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Complete
Includes Device Control

Data Loss Prevention Discover

Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor

Data Loss Prevention Network Prevent

Database Security

Take the next step toward living security for your data