Trellix File Protect

Detect and block malicious content that threatens file content security


  • Prevent File Share-Based Cyber Attacks
    Identify and block known and unknown malware discovered in network file storage and content sharing systems that bypasses conventional antivirus solutions.
  • Detect Advanced Malware
    Scan CIFS and NFS-compatible file shares without affecting server performance and leverage WebDAV protocol to proactively scan SharePoint document management systems.
  • Maximize Incident Response
    Scan and analyze files, hard drives, and trusted and untrusted file domains across a broad set of file types, including PDF, Microsoft Office documents, multimedia files, and more.


Identify and Quarantine Malware

Execute recursive, scheduled, and on-demand scanning of accessible network file shares and content stores to detect and quarantine resident malware.

Customize protection with YARA-based rules

Analyze large quantities of file threats specific to your organization with customized YARA-based rules.

Share Malware Intelligence

Share real-time threat intelligence across Trellix solutions through the Trellix Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud to notify subscribers of emerging threats.

Protect Your Network Anywhere

Choose between virtual Content Smart Nodes or traditional on-premises hardware appliances to address your specific needs.

Trellix Network Security

Protect your network, servers, and data centers with a living, learning ecosystem.

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The Trellix Platform learns and adapts for living protection while delivering native and open connections and providing expert and embedded support for your team.

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