Trellix Malware Analysis

Safely execute and analyze malware in a secure environment


  • Gain Deep Insights to Detect and Prevent Future Cyber Attacks
    Stop the spread of attacks with auto-generated local attack profiles shared across the Trellix ecosystem and inform future prevention strategies with deeper insights into attacker tools and tactics.
  • Assess OS, Browser and Application Attacks
    Inspect common web objects, email attachments and files through a pre-configured, instrumented Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS X virtual analysis environment.
  • Automate Analysis to Improve Efficiency
    Eliminate the cost and overhead of creating and maintaining multiple test configurations with built-in customization and granular control over payload detonations.



Analyze Attacks with 360-Degree Visibility

Conduct deep forensic analysis of an attack – from the initial exploit to callback destinations and follow-on binary download attempts – using the Trellix Multi-Vector Virtual Execution engine.

Enable Customization with YARA-Based Rules

Import YARA-based rules to specify byte-level rules and quickly analyze suspicious objects for threats specific to your organization.

Track Advanced Attacks Across Multiple Vectors

Deploy in live mode to track advanced attacks across multiple stages and different vectors or in sandbox mode to contain execution paths of malware samples.

Share Malware Data Across Trellix Solutions

Share malware forensics data across Trellix solutions, block outbound data exfiltration attempts, and stop known inbound attacks.

Trellix Network Security

Protect your network, servers, and data centers with a living, learning ecosystem.

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